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The Best $20 We Ever Spent

Eagle-eyed Our Honeymoon in Israel readers won’t have to search too far back in our archives to guess what might have been the best $20 we ever spent.

The plain cucumber sushi in Hong Kong airport, saving my stomach from digesting itself after a gluten-free in-flight meal stuff up? Not even close.

The cable-car ticket back to base after a disastrous sunrise hike at Masada? Getting warmer…

Let’s face it: when Mozo asked travel bloggers “What’s the story of the best $20 you ever spent?”, only one story came to mind: that of our very last night in Israel.

Allow me to refresh your memory…

The Best $20 We Ever Spent - Our Honeymoon in Israel

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Our Favourite Memories

As this blog series draws to a close, we thought we’d share our favourite memories from our honeymoon in Israel.

Stations of the Cross (Station V) in Jerusalem

We were lucky enough to receive a tour of Old Jerusalem as a wedding gift. Our tour guide, Hava, guided us through the Stations of the Cross – the path that Jesus walked to his crucifixion (the Via Dolorosa). Just past Station V, you can see the indentation on the wall where Jesus leaned against it. We had to elbow our way through quite a crowd, but we got a (crap quality) amazing photo of our hands in the marking with our wedding rings.

Honeymooners at the Stations of the Cross on our Tour of Jerusalem Israel

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Homeward Bound

And here we are, folks – the very last installment of the Our Honeymoon in Israel Travel Diary.

Where we last we left off, we had arrived at Ben Gurion airport. After a meal (served with an alarmingly large lemonade) and an aborted game of Travel Scrabble, we boarded our flight to Hong Kong.

Bored in Ben Gurion - Our Honeymoon in Israel

Bored in Ben Gurion, an image by us. Isn’t my new husband adorable when he’s sleeping?

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Where to Eat and Drink in Israel: The Shortlist

The most important thing we found when honeymooning in Israel was always have a back-up plan! Whether we were caught out by religious holidays or tired of walking in the desert heat, we always set about finding somewhere to eat and drink. You can find our ultimate guide to eating in Israel here, and our ultimate guide to drinking in Israel here, but if you’re after fast answers this is the place to find them: where to eat and drink in Israel, the shortlist!

Day 3 Breakfast at Benedict Rothschild Blvd Tel Aviv Israel

How many condiments can you count? Standard meal for two in Tel Aviv!

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Best Things to See and Do in Israel

Let’s be real: this is what most people cruising Israel tourism blogs are after, right? This is our list of the best things to see and do in Israel. We’ve split the list into two parts: the best things that we saw and did while we were there, and the things we missed out on that we would have dearly loved to see and do.

Best Things To See and Do in Israel (That We Saw and Did)

Floating in the Dead Sea

This is the number one thing that I recommend, to absolutely anyone and everyone who asks (and even those who don’t). It is a wonderful, unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The Dead Sea is one of the densest bodies of water on our planet, meaning that you don’t swim so much as float or bob – like a cork – in the water. Make sure you arrange safe and suitable access: Ein Bokek is the only free public beach, as far as I know, but most hotels in the area will have an arrangement for guests to access patrolled Dead Sea beaches free of charge. (That’s what we did in Ein Gedi.)

Dead Sea Husband Floating and Reading His Book at the Ein Gedi Sea of Spa Israel

My husband floating in the Dead Sea, reading his book. It really is so dense, you can lay back as though on a lounge chair.

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The Ultimate Guide to Drinking in Israel

We brought you the Ultimate Guide to Eating in Israel, but let’s get real. As a couple, we comprise a bartender and a freelance writer – so we’re quite partial to a decent tipple. One of our favourite things to do in new cities is seek out fun bars and new concoctions to try. Thankfully, Israel did not disappoint! So, we would be remiss if we did not also bring you this: the Ultimate Guide to Drinking in Israel.

What To Drink in Israel


No one really knows what’s in it, so you know it must be good. Tubi is a citrus-based spirit, apparently, but it tastes like a mixture of lemon pips and metallic earth, watered down with methylated spirits. We sampled it in Tiberias on our Day 7 road trip. We couldn’t decide whether we liked it or not, but we suspected that if we had more than one we’d end up really liking it, and we’d never make it back to Tel Aviv. Proceed with caution.

Tubi in Tiberias Israel

This stuff will blow your socks off!

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