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Homeward Bound

And here we are, folks – the very last installment of the Our Honeymoon in Israel Travel Diary.

Where we last we left off, we had arrived at Ben Gurion airport. After a meal (served with an alarmingly large lemonade) and an aborted game of Travel Scrabble, we boarded our flight to Hong Kong.

Bored in Ben Gurion - Our Honeymoon in Israel

Bored in Ben Gurion, an image by us. Isn’t my new husband adorable when he’s sleeping?

The flight passed without incident, but we weren’t in the best shape. We have a particular preference to sit on the aisle wherever possible, which Cathay hadn’t been able to accommodate on this leg. Yeah, we know, it’s so lovely to be able to look out of the window and see the city-scapes during take-off and landing… tell it to someone who cares. The freedom to be able to get up and move around without waking the person snoozing on the aisle is unlike any other you’ll ever taste. Neither of us got any sleep at all.

At least they had our gluten-free meal sorted!

The only type of gluten-free meal I really care about...

The only type of gluten-free meal I really care about…

We arrived in Hong Kong bizarrely early in the morning. This was our first clue that the jet-lag on the way back was going to be a bitch. Our bodies thought it was about midnight, the sky outside Hong Kong International Airport said it was almost sunrise. There was no time to duck into town, unfortunately. Our flight was due to depart at 9AM. We made a bee-line for our gate (hours early) and tried to fashion ourselves something like a comfortable bed on the hard plastic chairs… to no avail!

An attempted snooze at Hong Kong International Airport - Our Honeymoon in Israel

Doesn’t it look comfy??

Boarding took a while. A man in the queue in front of us kicked up a hell of a stink when the airline staff tried to take his duty-free booze off him. Rightfully so, we thought. He had purchased the liquor in Hong Kong International Airport fair and square, with no warning that his money would be wasted. The staff pulled him off to the side to let the rest of us past, so we have no idea whether his whiskey made it to Australia or not. We hope so, for his sake and for travellers everywhere 😉


Once on board, there was much rejoicing! We finally, finally had an entire economy-class row to ourselves! It felt like living in the lap of luxury, after the last flight. We made a halfhearted attempt at watching a movie together (clicking play at the same time on our individual entertainment stations), but quickly gave up on that. I let Rowan immerse himself in his boring action-hero movie, and gave La La Land a shot. (My review: not worth the effort, Hollywood wanking over itself ad infinitum.)

In-flight entertainment La La Land - Our Honeymoon in Israel

Would have been better off trying to sleep…

Still, one of the many benefits to having the entire row to yourself is the opportunity to get up whenever you want and get those take-off views everyone talks about!

View from the plane window over Hong Kong International Airport - Our Honeymoon in Israel

We stretched out across the row, and managed to get a little snooze in. It might have been the snuggest snooze we ever have as a married couple (God willing), but as tired as we were it was welcomed nonetheless.

Landing back in Australia felt bittersweet. We were sad that our honeymoon in Israel was all over, but we were grateful for the chance to pick up some duty-free booze to enjoy in our very own living room. The best part of our homecoming? A surprise welcome and a lift home from my new father-in-law! We just about talked his ear off the entire way, but he took it like a champ.

Once we were home safe and sound, we cracked into the duty-free booze immediately. That may have been a tad optimistic, as before long we were in bed. We proceeded to sleep for 16 hours straight. And that was all she wrote!






  1. was there a story in the airport about ben gurion?

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