Our Honeymoon In Israel

Romance and adventure in the Middle East.

Our Favourite Memories

As this blog series draws to a close, we thought we’d share our favourite memories from our honeymoon in Israel.

Stations of the Cross (Station V) in Jerusalem

We were lucky enough to receive a tour of Old Jerusalem as a wedding gift. Our tour guide, Hava, guided us through the Stations of the Cross – the path that Jesus walked to his crucifixion (the Via Dolorosa). Just past Station V, you can see the indentation on the wall where Jesus leaned against it. We had to elbow our way through quite a crowd, but we got a (crap quality) amazing photo of our hands in the marking with our wedding rings.

Honeymooners at the Stations of the Cross on our Tour of Jerusalem Israel

Picnic Lunch in Old Jaffa

On the third day of our honeymoon in Israel, we stopped by Shuk Ha’Carmel to pick up a selection of Israeli cheeses, olives, cold cuts, hummus and grapes. We carried them up to Old Jaffa, where we had an amazing picnic sitting on the grass overlooking the Mediterranean sea. A beautiful old dog left his human to come and sniff around for our leftovers. It felt like the most Mediterranean thing we did on our honeymoon.

Mediterranean picnic at Old Jaffa in Israel

Our very Mediterranean picnic at Old Jaffa.

Discovering The Little Prince (Bookstore/Bar/Cafe) in Tel Aviv

For a couple of inner west bartenders-slash-bookworms, discovering a secondhand bookstore-slash-bar was like discovering Mecca. We picked up a copy of The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde in English for 50NIS (about $20AUD), and had a couple of drinks in the garden out back. This place was a true treasure trove for books, and the bartenders were generous pourers. We’ll definitely be making a beeline for the Little Prince when we return!

Little Prince Bookstore Cafe Bar in Tel Aviv - Our Honeymoon in Israel

The Sunrise Hike at Masada

My new husband dragged me – all but kicking and screaming – out of bed for a sunrise hike at Masada. I could never admit this to his face, but I’m so glad he did. We were woefully underprepared (we were wearing jeans and brought a single bottle of water between us), but, somehow, we survived! We witnessed a majestic sunrise from about 2/3 of the way up, and eventually made it all the way to the top… where we could look down smugly on those still climbing. I’m not one to be lured by the promise of “views”, but this perspective on the desert and the Dead Sea has to be seen to be believed. Plus, it gave us the Greatest Honeymoon Selfie Of All Time!

My favourite honeymoon selfie on sunrise hike at Masada

The greatest honeymoon selfie of all time!

Floating in the Dead Sea

Speaking of the Dead Sea: this is the experience that we recommend wholeheartedly to absolutely everyone. Floating in the Dead Sea is indescribable – the closest you can get is likening it to a cork bobbing in wine. This is a body of the densest water on Earth,  Our skin hasn’t been the same since the mud baths. Rowan took the opportunity to lay back and read his book, and we picked up a gorgeous little souvenir fridge magnet with a man doing just that. If you’re wondering what you should do in Israel, floating in the Dead Sea is an absolute must.

Dead Sea Husband Floating and Reading His Book at the Ein Gedi Sea of Spa Israel

My new husband, floating in the Dead Sea and reading his book. It really is that dense, you can lay back like you’re on a lounge chair!

Our Final Evening

And, finally, proving once and for all that comedy is just tragedy plus time: the time I stepped in a dog turd and threw a proper tanty on the last night of our honeymoon in Israel.

The remnants of the barkers nest I stepped in, our last night in Tel Aviv


I can’t say I recommend it as a tourist experience for everyone, but we both crack up uncontrollably when we think about it now. My new husband handled it with the deftness and sensitivity of a man who’d been married a hundred years (first he laughed, and then he hustled me into a restaurant and shoved a cocktail into my hand pronto). If I were to turn this into a travel tip, I’d say this: keep your eyes open when walking the streets of dog-haven Tel Aviv!

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What was your favourite Israel memory? Or what are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below, or contact us here!

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  1. Going for a honeymoon in Israel seems like an excellent decision, Sheree! Awesome pictures, especially that selfie. 🙂

    • ShereeStrange

      December 4, 2017 at 2:29 PM

      Hahahaha cheers, Agness 🙂 I’m seriously considering getting it framed… Thanks for stopping by!

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